Michelle Kosch




Fall 2022:
Phil 3250 / Phil 6220 / GerSt 3580: Nineteenth Century Philosophy (syllabus)
Phil 4003/6030: German Philosophical Texts (initial text: Sein und Zeit Div. 2 Ch. 2)

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I work on Kant and post-Kantian European philosophy, especially German idealists, Kierkegaard, Foucault, and Beauvoir.
My first book, Freedom and Reason in Kant, Schelling and Kierkegaard (OUP 2006), is available for purchase here.

My second book, Fichte's Ethics (OUP 2018), is available for purchase here.

My published papers, and papers accepted but not yet in print, can be found here.
I am currently working on a monograph on Simone de Beauvoir's ethical thought.
I serve on the editorial boards of Ergo, The Philosophical Review, The Southern Journal of Philosophy, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, The Journal of the History of Philosophy, Philosophisches Jahrbuch and philpapers.org.


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