Michelle Kosch

Sage School of Philosophy
218 Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-3201
e-mail: michelle kosch at cornell edu



Fall 2017:
Phil 4490/6490 : Feminism (with Kate Manne)
Phil 4003/6030 : German Philosophical Texts (currently, Kant's Groundwork)

Spring 2018:
Phil 3250 : 19th Century Philosophy
Phil 4003/6030 : German Philosophical Texts (text TBD, but we will likely finish the Groundwork)

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I work on Kant and post-Kantian European philosophy, especially German idealists, Kierkegaard and Foucault.
My first book, Freedom and Reason in Kant, Schelling and Kierkegaard (OUP 2006), is available for purchase here.

My second book, Fichte's Ethics, is forthcoming with OUP.
My published papers, and papers accepted but not yet in print, can be found here.
I serve on the editorial boards of Ergophilpapers.org and Signale, and am currently the editor-in-chief of The Philosophical Review.


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